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About Coron

Things to know about Coron.

Being a second class municipality, there are currently two banks that serve the town: Allied Bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands. Both banks have ATM facilities. The town has no telephone cable yet, but SMART and Globe provide strong signal and connection.
Not all hotels and restaurants offer credit card payment facility. It is also advisable for visitors to bring along sufficient cash as traveller’s checks may not be accepted.
As for island hopping tours, the boat riggers (motorboat) can take visitors to the different islands and sites.  The tour packages include Conservation Fee, a requirement by the local government in every destination and attraction to help maintain and manage the surroundings.
Insect repellant is very important, and an adequate supply of prescription medication is recommended as local pharmacies only provide commonly used medication. A local hospital is also available.
A 220-volt electricity is common in the town with flat parallel outlets. Visitors are advised to bring adaptors for portable appliances.

The People

With a population of only about 40,000 of almost 20 islets and 2 main islands (Coron and Busuanga), Coron’s inhabitants are mostly local native tribesmen called Tagbanuas. Their main source of livelihood is fishing just as what they’ve been doing for the longest time.
This simple laidback lifestyle has reflected well on the attitude of the locals towards respecting the preservation of their surroundings and natural resources. It is also in this town where plastics, cigarette butts and other non-biodegradable materials along the streets are picked up by locals for proper disposal.
With the help from the local government’s political will and indigenous local tribesmen, the desire to preserve the environment are willingly embraced and met with tourist’s approval and cooperation.


A tour around Coron and the other surrounding islands will take to beautiful isolated white sandy beaches, calm turquoise blue and green calm water, several volcanic lakes(considered the cleanest in the country) and lagoons, hot springs, black limestone cliffs and over 500 caves, and (12) WWII Japanese shipwrecks.  The shipwrecks are considered the best dive sites in the world because some are located in shallow clear blue water that makes it possible for amateur swimmers to snorkel to see it. The marine environment is also a site to see: there are untouched, well-preserved coral reefs with plenty of fish thriving around.
Kayangan Lake is also a good place for kayaking and swimming.
In the town itself, you can go climb the 700 steps of Mount Tapyas and take an overview of the town of Coron and its surrounding islands. It is also best enjoyed with the sun setting to the west- a moment to remember forever!
Coron is also an excellent jump off point to the various sites such as Culion Island, Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary, the Black Island and many more.